Personal care, Farm Bill, women, dandelions and more from the week-end readings

To learn what to avoid in personal care merchandises, read 9 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products from Green America.

For updates on activities regarding 2013 Farm Bill, read The 2013 Farm Bill: What to Know, What to Do from OCA.

The Senate voted down the Farm Bill amendment to label GMOs on a state level. As pointed out by Natural Society in Senate Shoots Down GMO Labeling Bill, it is yet another “showing of their lack of concern towards the people who give them their jobs.”

To support organics and non-GMOS, visit Take Action to Protect Organic Food in the Very Important Farm Bill. There are still ways to save it.

April M. Short from AlterNet lists 5 Most Horrifying Things About Monsanto [and] -Why You Should Join the Global Movement and Protest on Saturday or at any time.

The Women Versus the Ted article by Gail Collins from NYT conveys a message – about women – too important to miss.

31st National Pesticide Forum in Albuquerque NM provides the public with invaluable messages – in-depth knowledge about pesticides and health. Watch the talks and share with others.

It may be difficult to accept but the yellow flowers that most of us so disliked and try to eliminate, can be an abundance of nutrients and beneficial. Read about it in Dandelion Benefits: Wild Edibles that Heal from Natural Society.

As Hippocrates proclaimed nearly 2,500 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” However, food must be nutritious and healthy. Neither genetically modified nor sprayed with synthetic chemicals. Not altered by governmental policies. LET IT BE FOOD as discussed in Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food from NYT.

Choosing fruit, vegetables and most other food (in real meaning of the word) will support in maintaining a healthy microbial environment of your guts and preventing Monsanto from destroying it all. Read about the catastrophic impact of Monsanto product on your health, health of the natural environment around us and the planet in Gut punch: Monsanto could be destroying your microbiome from Grist.

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