Acetaminophen, Happy Parents, photo, yogurt and more from the week-end readings

It Takes HOW Much Water to Make Greek Yogurt?! And there is a surprise on our faces when asked to conserve water…

It has been recognized as harmless but Taking Acetaminophen While Pregnant [is now] Linked To ADHD in Kids.

Eight minutes on How Sugar Affects Your Health.

One Photo [ ] says everything.

More disturbing than ever – McDomination: How Corporations Conquered America and Ruined Our Health.

For coffee drinkers – 9 Things You Should Know About Your Caffeine Habit.

And art enthusiasts – Are You a True Art Expert?

On another cheerful note, 5 Secrets of Super-Happy Parents with Well-Behaved Kids.

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Progress, dairy, GMOs and Subway from the week-end readings

Some Progress on Eating and Health but is this enough given how much time has passed by? Are we wasting time?

Is this possible? Meat, Dairy as ‘Detrimental’ to Your Health as Smoking Cigarettes

Caramel Coloring In Pepsi Might Cause Cancer. No comment.

5 Essential Ways to Avoid Genetically-Modified Food (GMOs). This is a follow-up to the previous posts on how to avoid GMOs.

Subway says it’s removing chemical from bread. About time.

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With a huge delay…

5 Easy Ways to Ditch Processed Foods without Going off the Deep End

“Isn’t there anything wrong with the French health care system?” she asked

Researchers warn of chemical impacts on children

Is Sugar The Original Gateway Drug? What It’s Doing To Our Brains Is Pretty Wild

What Tibetan Buddhism Can Teach Us about Happiness

Snowplow parents’ may be trapping their children

Why Nutrition Is So Confusing

6 Nasty Drugs Your Meat Is On

Pesticides may be more dangerous than testing reveals, study finds

It Takes a Village

GM Ingredients to Watch Out For

How—and Why—to Boycott Eggs from Factory Farms

Genetic Fallacy: How Pesticide Companies Silence Scientific Dissent

6 Superpower Foods For Healthy Teeth & Gums

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Higher ground…

I can give today 9 Pieces of Advice Every Woman Needs… not preaching! loving!

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Togo, West Africa. My American Home…

My American Home…

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Cooking, places to eat, lemon, supplements, sodas and more from the week-end readings

For those who like cooking but still need to practice (like me), 25 Cooking Mistakes That Even Good Cooks Make.

Explore125 countries showing the best and worst places in the world to eat.”

Learn about The One ‘Crazy’ Thing All Nutritionists Agree Is a Good Idea. Not surprising at all.

This will cause you rethink plopping (or asking for) lemon into a water glass at restaurants?

For supplement users, read Which supplements can help keep the heart healthy? Are there any to avoid? and Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review.

Call to veto! Yes, the farm bill is politically corrupt and a disgrace.

There is nothing to add to this review: Abundance Doesn’t Mean Health.

Study shows that DDT Exposure May Raise Alzheimer’s Risk. Wait, there is much more. It is coming…

Another study evidences that Pesticide formulations are 1000 times more toxic than active ingredients.

And FDA will review Potential Carcinogen Found in Many Soft Drinks.

The 10 Worst Food Substitutions that should be illegal!

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Water, sugar, marriage, films, dyes and more from the week-end readings

Does water have consciousness? Beyond Hydration: The Shocking Intelligence of Water.

What if the planet is loosing water? What will the consequences be for humanity?

Is sugar safe or addictive? The Sugar-Addiction Taboo.

Further, studies have shown that Diet Soda: Fewer Calories in the Glass May Mean More on the Plate.

This article may be a digression from the other articles on this blog but may still support health and well-being: 7 Things I Know For Sure about Happy Marriages.

Immortality may not be achievable but VERY positive health outcomes – certainly. ‘Mushrooms of Immortality’: Reishi Mushrooms an Ancient Medicine for Modern Diseases.

If possible, here is the list of 11 Food Films worth Watching.

Numerous food products are dyed these days. The ingredients on many packages include red, blue, orange, yellow, green dyes and so on. However, these come as a surprise: 12 Foods Most People don’t know are dyed or adulterated.

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Fracking, charts, food policies, orgasm and more from the week-end readings

As fracking is allowed in more states, another study reports that Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Found At Fracking Sites Linked To Cancer, Infertility.

A brief look into The 13 Most Important Charts Of 2013.

Can Autism be prevented? Reading How I Gave My Son Autism may provide some answers.

Food Policy Stories that Mattered in 2013 presents the possibly biggest stories in food and food policies of 2013. Take them to consideration when contemplating what may be of importance in 2014.

As antibiotics cause concerns and may be potentially another enormous threat to public health, consider one of those to voice your opinion: How to Make Noise about Antibiotics.

Although this slightly deviates from the common topics on this blog, it is part of human health and may be worth your attention: Is an Orgasm Really The Best Sensation in the World?

Tell the USDA to Stop Dow Chemical’s “Agent Orange” Crops such as corn and soybeans that are universally used as food (e.g. corn on the cob) and as an ingredient in processed food.

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Good news

Instead of painkillers and narcotics, try some/all of these 11 Totally Natural And Completely Unexpected Ways To Ease Pain.

Even if your life is whole, 4 Steps to Healing a Broken Life teach resilience, distance and contentment.

This has been posted here previously but, as 2014 begins and new resolutions are being established, consider Five Things I Will Not Eat.

This (not the .gov plate) Healthy Eating Plate & Healthy Eating Pyramid shows how to choose wisely.

Around the world in 20 food photos from the past week.

What to possibly expect in 2014 – Health Trends.

Good news for moms-to-be liking peanuts: Eating peanuts while pregnant cuts child’s risk of allergy.

Can dill solve our biggest problems? Read Dill Thrill.

Discussing things that harm us also uplifts in a way – we learn what direction one might need to take. 7 Worst Ingredients in Food.

See the graph shows why solar power will take over the world.

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Is this a surprise?

This may be one of the most important video of 2014 significantly impacting your life. Although towards the end it takes a sharp turn towards commercialism/product hyping, the concept matters. The video contains information of great significance based on unbiased research. Watch it. Be patient. Be curious and ask questions. Do your research. Educate yourself. Consult with trusted providers. Use a product that is trustworthy, reliable, well-reviewed and research-based.

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Air, bees, fish, fatty acids in organic milk and more from the week-end readings

This December time is not my own. Here is slightly delayed and abbreviated but still noteworthy version of the blog:

Air Pollution as a Heart Threat

This applies to any day – Your Black Friday Guide to Poison-Free Holiday Shopping

Scientists discover another cause of bee deaths, and it’s really bad news

Europe is banning bee-harmful pesticides; the US should take a lead

Bees can’t wait 5 more years

The Side Effect of Birth Control No One Ever Talks About

12 Fish To Stay Away From

More Than 93 Percent Of Americans Totally Want This To Be Legalized. (And It’s Not Weed)

Energy drinks amp up heart contractility

More Helpful Fatty Acids Found in Organic Milk

A group of consumer product companies have formed a coalition to push for chemical safety reform legislation

Are Toxic Chemicals In Building Materials Making Us Sick?

100s Nutrition Facts About 25 Well-Known Foods

Meal deal – Sysco shows how to distribute food with ruthless efficiency

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Turkey (bird), FACTS, nuts, food research, pollution and more from the week-end readings

Is the USDA a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monsanto? See the list. (Cornucopia Institute)

The health care system in the US in one chart – one would think that it can only get better from here! (Huffington Post)

Read before Thanksgiving – That turkey on your plate could use some more industry competition. (Washington Post)

And less antibiotics as they lead to Fatter Turkeys, Fatter Profits, Sicker People. (Causes)

Fast Food FACTS 2013 reveals how the fast food nutrition and marketing landscape have changed. And more…

If you have not embrace yet, now it is the time – Eating nuts tied to fewer cancer, heart disease deaths. (Reuters)

10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere. They have been proven harmful so the US allows them to penetrate the market? (OracleTalk)

What research is trustworthy in these times of public funds shortage? More on food company sponsorship of nutrition research and practice. (Food Politics)

Meet the Top Five Worst Polluters. (AlterNet) Do you support them? And what do you do to fight the pollution?

Read about how to remove emotions from the decision-making process in How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Decision-Making. (Huffington Post)

Researchers from the UK confirm that taxing soda would help to battle obesity. Fizzy drink tax ‘would cut obesity’.

Did you see theresearch? Organic versus Non-Organic. (OCA)

Do support Food Companies that Claim Victory against Labeling Initiatives in Washington State. (NYT)

’It is irresponsible of the governments of Poland, US, China, India and EU to pretend to act against global warming and catastrophic climate change while agreeing on baby steps at COP19,’ said Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International’s head delegate, in an emailed statement,” As Warsaw climate talks end, scraps of good news in a mess of bad.(Grist)

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Fried food, vitamins, doughnuts, antibiotic and more from the week-end readings

FDA Says To Avoid Yet Another [Cancer Causing] Food Chemical: Acrylamide. (Forbes) Most of acrylamide is found in fried, burned, overcooked and charred foods.

Knowing which vitamins are needed for your body is important but supplements may not always be the ideal option. Your Vitamins May Be Doing More Harm Than Good, We’ll Show You How You Can Check from The Free Thought Project can help to ensure that your vitamins are performing as promised.

Research has begun to expose that saturated is not responsible for heart disease. In fact, a diet lacking saturated fat may cause some pretty serious health consequences. What causes heart problems? Read Heart Specialist, Saturated Fat, NOT the Cause of Heart Disease, It is This Instead by Dr. Mercola to find out.

Are you aware that these 9 Foods have more sugar than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut? Hint: only one of them can be considered a dessert.

A list of 5 Leafy Greens You’ve Probably Never Eaten (But [perhaps] Should!). (Huffington Post)

Are they – the present Congress and administration – truly Clueless about Food and Agriculture? (The E Magazine) Can a smarter Farm Bill be written?

Can we implement proper oversight over Pharmaceutical companies or should we risk a catastrophe as explained in Antibiotic Overuse Could Lead to Public Health Crisis? (The E Magazine)

Meet the Newest Anti-Fracking Activist: … (Daily Kos)

Learn to be embrace other’s achievements and find out why It Pays to Get Happy About Other People’s Success.  (Huffington Post)

If DDT is a time-bomb behind the obesity epidemic (Grist), can it be that it causes other problems outside of the obvious consequences of this horrific pesticide?

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Vegetable, radiation, GMOs, fats, food safety and more from the week-end readings

Farmers will listen. If we eat more vegetable, they will grow them and not corn. Read about on A Food Day Wish List: More Veggies, Less Corn. (Union of Concerned Scientists)

In light of Fukushima and other possible future disasters, What You Should Be Doing NOW to Protect Yourself from Radiation? (Washington’s blog)

Sad news – it looks like Washington state has not been successful in trying to label genetically modified/engineered foods (GMOs). Once again, Big Food Crushes Consumer Rights in Washington State. (Alter Net)

Further, here is how Big Food Wants to Crush the GMO Labeling Movement by the wonderful Tom Philpott from Mother Jones and Industry’s Secret Plan to Get the Feds to Kill GMO Labeling in Every State by the brilliant Michele Simon from Eat Drink Politics.

On the topic of GMOs, a MUST-WATCH: The Colbert Report Mocks GMOs, My Fox Interview Gets Airtime. (Living Max Well)

Finally, FDA Puts Trans Fat on the Chopping Blockit has taken the first step toward eliminating the use of partially hydrogenated oils. (Med Page) About time!

Do we finally have A Cure for the Allergy Epidemic? (NYT)

What if you were told that Smartphones Are Killing Us — and Destroying Public Life. (AlterNet) What if anything would you change?

If possible, voice your concerns by reading and responding to 4 Foods That Could Disappear If New Food Safety Rules Pass.

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Broccoli, water, the Farm Bill and more from the week-end readings

This may have gotten a bit old but it is worth repeating once more – Eat Your Broccoli. (NYT)

Clean water currents – EPA finally Begins Closing Critical Gaps. (Clean Water Action)

As opposed as it is, Walmart Is One of the Biggest Beneficiaries of Food Stamps. (Huffington Post)

Find out what is new – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Farm Bill. (Center for Food Safety)

Did you know that More than 230 scientists say GMOs not safe, including developer of first GM crop? (

On 522 campaign, “This is the largest amount of money ever concealed in an election,” says Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson as stated in Junk Food Lobby Forced to Disclose Donors to its Secret “Defense of Brand Strategic Account” by Michele Simon from Eat Drink Politics.

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Inedible, Argentina, real food, stress, water and more from the week-end readings

8 Foods Even The Experts Won’t Eat. Stunning and educational!

This past week the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER) issued the following statement: [There is] No scientific consensus on GMO safety.

In a meantime, Los Angeles Proposes Banning GMOs. (HuffingtonPost)

And Huge GMO News! On the side, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), a lobby for the junk food industry, has been by far the largest donor in efforts to defeat the Initiative 522 which would mandate the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And guess who is the biggest source of the money – Pepsico, Coca-Cola, NestleUSA, General Mills and a few other junk food companies.

To learn more about GMOs – watch this video about the GMO summit!

And more good news – this time about chocolate (good chocolate – what can be better?!): New Study Confirms Chocolate’s Fat-Busting Properties.

The article, Argentina Is Using More Pesticide Than Ever Before. And Now It Has Cancer Clusters (Mother Jones), reports that as the used of herbicides and pesticides increased dramatically over the last 20 years so has the rates of cancer, birth defects, and illnesses seldom seen before.

There are still (or perhaps again) many places in the US where food is, indeed, natural – wild, diverse, sustainable. One of them happens to be in Salina, KS as described by Mark Bittman in Now This Is Natural Food. (NYT)

Another word from Mark Bittman: Did you know? While cereal is now largely just a vehicle for sugar, it was actually devised by Christian fundamentalists as a healthy alternative to pork- and coffee-laden breakfasts. (NYT – opinions)

The Ten Simple Daily Steps for Reducing Stress. (Natural News)

How wasteful that is when One Bottle’s Worth of Water Wasted for Every Three Produced, especially as the water is becoming a scarce resource? (Thedailygreen)

And more waste – 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima. (GreenMedInfo) Appalling and freighting!

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GMOs, McDonald, sustainable eating, honey and more from the week-end readings

A NPR report asks What’s In That Chicken Nugget? and suggests that Maybe You Don’t Want To Know. Just do not read this while having eating chicken…

Eat Sustainably for World Food Day, to stay healthy and safe the planet. (The Daily Meal)

As the Huffington Post suggests in 10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn perhaps it is time to learn again…

Are you a fan of Starbuck? Did you hear that the popular autumnal Starbucks drink contains ZERO traces of actual pumpkin.

What is The Science Behind Honey’s Eternal Shelf Life? (Smithsonian) archaeologists have discovered that honey remains unspoiled after being stored for millennia.

For those who have tried to bake bread home, have you wondered What Makes Whole-Grain Bread So Hard to Bake? Smithsonian attempts to tackle the question.

Everyone has a right to be heard as long as their voice is respectful. But a woman was escorted from a room after making a case for getting a raise of her minimum wage which cannot feed her and her children. For details, see the video and read McDonald’s President Was Caught Off Guard By Low-Wage, Single Mom. (NPR)

As Mark Bittman writes in Why Won’t McDonald’s Really Lead? “executives at McDonald’s who happen to be a parent says something like this: ‘I don’t let my kids eat at McDonald’s all the time. It’s a treat; we know that.’” But in public, they campaign and advocate its food.

Hawaii fights GMOs – Unease in Hawaii’s Cornfields. (NYT)

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