Food from China, prevention vs. profit, Miso, Aloe and more from the week-end readings

Consider 6 mind-boggling facts about farms in China before buying food (or anything for that matter) from there.

When it comes to health and healthcare, most nations focus on healing and prevention; in the US, the health industry’s big players (insurers and drugmakers “Big Pharma”) focus on making as much money as possible. For details, read The Medical-Industrial Complex.

The $11 Trillion Reward: How Simple Dietary Changes Can Save Money and Lives, and How We Get There report written by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has been previously brought up. However, the discussion continues and Mark Bittman from the NYT debates in 11 Trillion Reasons how by subsidizing the production of commodity crops (mainly soy, corn and wheat) we discourage the farming of fruits and vegetables — the foods that promote health.

More on fracking in The Guardian’s (go figure) article, A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water. Fracking boom sucks away precious water from beneath the ground, leaving cattle dead, farms bone-dry and people thirsty. How much more in an environmental destruction do we need to pay to cease the practice?

Companies That Profit From Unhealthy Food Say Keep Eating Junk, Just Exercise More. Can someone/something be more hypocritical? Exercising is crucial to a healthy life but not to compensate for unhealthy food.

On the subject of BPA, Environmental Health News reports that a new study in California found bisphenol A (BPA) in all samples of umbilical cord blood obtained from pregnant women, suggesting universal fetal exposure. More than one-third of the samples had levels comparable to or higher than levels associated with [adverse] health effects in animals. These findings contradict previous assumption that BPA passes into the liver.

GreenMedInfo explains how Miso Protects Against Radiation, Cancer and Hypertension.

Read Future So Bright: 10 Facts about the State of Solar from GRACE Communications Foundation for updates on solar power.

5 Things You Should be Eating to Protect Your Brain as it Ages. Yam!

As the OCA’s article, GMO Seeds: Fueling the Health of Corporations, reports: Over the past 20 years, America’s seeds, animal feed and biofuels have been infiltrated like a virus by genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The primary (and non-arguable sole) winners (…) have been the profit margins of the world’s largest biotech, pesticide and agrochemical companies. More than 40 percent of all U.S. cropland is devoted to GMO crops. (…) nearly 80 percent of processed foods sold in the U.S. now contain GMOs; the majority of genetically engineered crops aren’t grown to feed humans. The bulk of (…) is used to feed animals and generates biofuels. Americans consume 193 pounds of GMOs annually. And the animals that provide us with nearly all the meat, poultry and dairy we eat are force fed GE crops their  bodies were never designed to process. Despite all that, GMOs have never been proven safe for consumption; most recent studies throughout the world strongly indicate that GMOs are seriously harmful to humans, animals and the environment in some very significant ways.

Christina Sarich from Natural Society  informs that Just One Daily Tablespoon of Aloe can Reverse Aging.

Does Soda Rot Your Brains Along With Your Teeth? by Emily Deans, M.D. from Evolutionary Psychiatry. After reading the post, look around and answer for yourself.

Read August 16 (a Message on Love) to learn that the only one way to really survive emotional hurt is to lean into it.

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