Cake, exercises, BPA, food movement, arsenic and more from the week-end readings

You Can’t Have It All, but You Can Have Cake. Asides from the fact that “all” can have so many meanings (as Delia Nephron points out), even if we could have all, do we really need it? Why would we want it? Even if it is a cake from your favorite bakery…

Find out What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise (The Huffington Post). Not every type of exercise is good for all and in each circumstance. Learning what works for your schedule,  body/mind and situations may take some sweats but the payoff outweighs the efforts.

Is this really happening? EPA Quietly Withdraws Two Proposed Chemical Safety Rules. One concerns Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in many water bottles and other plastic products and linked to risks of hormonal disruptions, obesity, anxiety, problems with a reproductive system and cancer (brain and breast) amongst others. A second rule that [the] EPA withdrew would have forced companies to disclose to the public the chemicals used in products and the health and safety studies the companies have conducted on those chemicals — much of which companies have been allowed to protect as “confidential business information.

As the GMO labeling debate continues, two United States Senators, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mark Udall (D-CO), urge FDA to Finalize GMO Labeling Guidelines (RSN).

In the meantime, we learn that Herbicide-Resistant Monsanto GMOs [were] Planted Before USDA Approved (OrganicAuthority).

Are blueberries, apples and grapes better for you than other fruit? Uncover in Some Fruits Are Better Than Others (NYT).

To continue discussion about mental health and disorders, The New Science of Mind explains how our limited knowledge of the biological foundation of complex mental activity is beginning to really expand. To give us new insights into who we are as human beings. And to provide more effective treatments when needed.

At times when obesity is on everyone’s mind, Overweight But Anorexic Teens Are Often Overlooked By Doctors (The Huffington Post).

Can Public Health unite the Good Food Movement? In an excerpt: Although the Farm Bill comes before Congress every five years, fundamental changes to the legislation emerge only in response to crisis. […] The anti-hunger, food justice, environmental justice, buy-local and labor communities are responding to bad fiscal, economic, and social policy (including structural racism) that has allowed persistent poverty and is now quickly shrinking the middle class. The environmental and sustainable agriculture communities are responding to degradations caused by industrial farming, fossil fuel production, and consumption. The anti-obesity, school food, locavore, animal welfare, Slow Food communities, natural food entrepreneurs, and sustainable farmers and ranchers are responding to the effects of industrial agricultural production and industrial (fast) food consumption, but for different reasons. For the food movement to place unstoppable pressure on policymakers and industrial food producers, it needs a very focused set of goals that emerge from a single root crisis that binds us all. Public health is that crisis.

Read Toxic chemicals will make you fat to appreciate how they (Formaldehyde, Parabens, Triclosan, Imidazolidinyl Urea, SLS) may negatively impact your weight and health in general.

While the FDA concludes rice to be low in arsenic and therefore safe to eat (NPR), the toxic cancer-causing arsenic is being found even in organic rice products (NaturalNews). Consumer Reports (CR), a very well-known and highly respected nonprofit organization that research safety of consumer products and services, finds that a real need for federal standards for this toxin is critical and long overdue. Follow this link to find out how much arsenic is in rice/rice products of your choice.

If possible, head to Washington, DC, for The Green Festival Experience. The Green Festival, a project of Green America (one of the best resources of green news and products) and Global Exchange, also takes place in other location. Visit their website for more information.

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