Turkey (bird), FACTS, nuts, food research, pollution and more from the week-end readings

Is the USDA a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monsanto? See the list. (Cornucopia Institute)

The health care system in the US in one chart – one would think that it can only get better from here! (Huffington Post)

Read before Thanksgiving – That turkey on your plate could use some more industry competition. (Washington Post)

And less antibiotics as they lead to Fatter Turkeys, Fatter Profits, Sicker People. (Causes)

Fast Food FACTS 2013 reveals how the fast food nutrition and marketing landscape have changed. And more…

If you have not embrace yet, now it is the time – Eating nuts tied to fewer cancer, heart disease deaths. (Reuters)

10 Foods Sold in the U.S. That Are Banned Elsewhere. They have been proven harmful so the US allows them to penetrate the market? (OracleTalk)

What research is trustworthy in these times of public funds shortage? More on food company sponsorship of nutrition research and practice. (Food Politics)

Meet the Top Five Worst Polluters. (AlterNet) Do you support them? And what do you do to fight the pollution?

Read about how to remove emotions from the decision-making process in How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Decision-Making. (Huffington Post)

Researchers from the UK confirm that taxing soda would help to battle obesity. Fizzy drink tax ‘would cut obesity’.

Did you see theresearch? Organic versus Non-Organic. (OCA)

Do support Food Companies that Claim Victory against Labeling Initiatives in Washington State. (NYT)

’It is irresponsible of the governments of Poland, US, China, India and EU to pretend to act against global warming and catastrophic climate change while agreeing on baby steps at COP19,’ said Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International’s head delegate, in an emailed statement,” As Warsaw climate talks end, scraps of good news in a mess of bad.(Grist)

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