Good news

Instead of painkillers and narcotics, try some/all of these 11 Totally Natural And Completely Unexpected Ways To Ease Pain.

Even if your life is whole, 4 Steps to Healing a Broken Life teach resilience, distance and contentment.

This has been posted here previously but, as 2014 begins and new resolutions are being established, consider Five Things I Will Not Eat.

This (not the .gov plate) Healthy Eating Plate & Healthy Eating Pyramid shows how to choose wisely.

Around the world in 20 food photos from the past week.

What to possibly expect in 2014 – Health Trends.

Good news for moms-to-be liking peanuts: Eating peanuts while pregnant cuts child’s risk of allergy.

Can dill solve our biggest problems? Read Dill Thrill.

Discussing things that harm us also uplifts in a way – we learn what direction one might need to take. 7 Worst Ingredients in Food.

See the graph shows why solar power will take over the world.

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