Monsanto Protection Act

Last week President Obama signed into law a spending bill with a controversial rider (Farmer Assurance Provision, Sec. 735 of HR 933) named the “Monsanto Protection Act” by the critics and activists.  It is important to notice that the provision was added to an essential spending bill without congressional hearings. It now protects Monsanto and its genetically modified creations/foods not only from the United States government including federal courts. The rider says the government must allow the planting of genetically modified crops even if courts rule they pose health risks.

Today, Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairwoman, issued apologies to the public “stating that the legislation was buried deep within a government spending bill that was required to ‘prevent a government shutdown.” The question remains. Why did she not act sooner before the public fury? Let’s see what happens when the provision expires in six months. In a meantime, all need to voice their dissatisfaction with the bill thru contacting (calling, e-mailing, etc.) the president’s and the legislators’ offices.

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