Leading to labeling GMOs!

Connecticut may become the first state that mandates labeling of GM (Genetically Modified) Foods. People deserve to be informed and to make their own choices. So lets Just Label It.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) have never been adequately tested for human consumption. Studies have shown that GMOs may not be as beneficial as originally thought. Research on rats and mice shows that the animals fed on diet using GMOs develop all kinds of pathological signs. Some of them include organs damage, lesions on stomach, disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system, disturbed liver, pancreas, kidneys and testes function, abnormalities in the cells and structures of the small intestine, acute aging, and changes in sex organs among others. These are just few examples; the list continues.

A number of countries all over the world, including China and Russia, require labeling of GMOs.

For excellent GMOs resources, visit GMO Myths and Truths. The report (if chosen to read) is lengthy but exceptionally resourceful and comprehensive. More information can be found by viewing GMO Inside organization, specifically the Resource page.

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