Pigs, future shopping, songs, bread and more from the week-end readings

GRACE Communications Foundation reports that another new study published this time in the Journal of Organic Systems Demonstrates Harm to Animals Raised on GMO Feed. “Pigs raised on a mixed diet of GM corn and GM soy had higher rates of intestinal problems, ‘including inflammation of the stomach and small intestine, stomach ulcers, a thinning of intestinal walls and an increase in hemorrhagic bowel disease, where a pig can rapidly ‘bleed-out’ from their bowel and die.’”

Farm Bill story continues. The Senate passes the Bill but House Vote Is Less Sure as reported by New York Times.

Today, as much as 40 percent of food produced in America is thrown away, amounting to 1,400 calories per person per day, $400 per person per year, and notably, 31 million tons of food added to landfills each year.” This is terrible for the climate and an insult to poor people. When it comes to food waste, we are the problem but also the solution!

Some wonders how the future shopping for grocery may look like. According to Slate, You order online. Your stuff comes the same day. You never have to leave your house again”.

I rarely do this but the issue matters greatly and too much is at stake to ignore it. If possible, please, SUPPORT A GROUNDBREAKING LAWSUIT AGAINST MONSANTO! from The Center for Food Safety (CFS).

In Giving up Tuna? Breathing Is Next, Mark Bittman from the NYT discusses pollutants, specifically mercury, emitted from old-fashioned, unfiltered coal-burning plants end up in our waters, fish and other food. Over the years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed regulations to reduce the toxins. However, power plants representatives, chemical and energy industries have been ferociously fighting them. The saga continues to weaken the rules or eliminated them all together. As usual the EPA often weakens their ruling after the industry “intervenes” as many of EPA workers come from the businesses. Fortunately, in 2010, a court-order forced EPA to develop the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) hopefully going in to effect in 2015. Per article, when mercury levels are controlled, other pollutants are also reduced. Mercury is a “neurotoxin that attacks brain cells (watch this vivid, slightly retro and certainly scary enough video of how mercury produces brain damage)” possibly causing “lower I.Q., reduced hearing, seeing and speech to impaired mobility and more.” For more, view the whole article.

This “evocative and provocative song/video ‘Feed Your Baby’ about our broken food system by Jen Chapin” was found on Food Politics. Very interesting!

Read the interview with Stephanie Seneff, PhD: Co-author of “Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases” on Monsanto’s Glyphosate and Roundup’s Implications on Modern Diseases.

Ideas on Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer.

Maggie Beidelman from AlterNet shares with us her love for bread, “American bread is processed in a way that may be making us sick” and what can be done about it in The Trouble with Bread: What I Discovered When I Tried to Get to the Bottom of My Gluten Intolerance.

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