Save money while saving planet – 8 ways

An article, “7 (Free!) Ways to Reduce and Reuse” from VegNews describes just that. Here is the list:

  • Eliminate junk mail
  • Sell your used books
  • Find places to recycle just about everything
  • Use pantry items to clean
  • Host a clothing or food swap
  • Reuse everyday items
  • Reuse your fruits and veggies

Adding COMPOSTING completes the list. A number of us live in suburbs in big houses with big yards. There must be somewhere a place to “store” any discardable leftovers.  Visit Eartheasy and read their article on composting, including options of Compost Tumblers. Two big ones stand in one corner of our garden. Additionally, a small container with a lid decorates my kitchen counter. That way I do not need to run to the garden every time I have some scraps. The compost can have several uses not the least enriching your lawn.

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