Blissful ice-cream, McDonald’s, self-control and more from the week-end readings

As the summer enters into full swing, let’s begin with sweet and divinely delicious Step-by-Step Instructions for One-Ingredient Ice Cream from theKitchn.

If you think it is impossible, look at the case in Bolivia. The country refused to conform to a big food corporation as explained in the Nation of Change’s article Fast Food Rejection: McDonald’s Shuts Down All Restaurants in Bolivia and others from around the web.

Contrary to previous research, do good moods and positive emotions lead to food indulgence? Read Good mood food? Positive emotions and moods are also an important trigger for indulgence, says study to learn more.

Are you self-controlled? If so, you may not “get to enjoy the cronuts, but you get to be thin, healthy, and otherwise better than the rest of us“ or so a new research claims as reported by The Atlantic in the Study: People With a Lot of Self-Control Are Happier article.

An (almost) success story in the maternal health from Nepal, What Pregnancy Is Like in Nepal (The Atlantic).

“Present in 94% of our water supply, Atrazine is a toxic weed killer and 76 million pounds of it is dumped onto our farms each year, mostly for corn.” Read Another Reason to Eat Organic – The Water Supply in the Midwest is Becoming a Serious Health Risk from LivingMaxWell and definitely watch the brief clip here.

Extensive Research Shows Monsanto’s #1 Selling Herbicide Roundup Is Killing You from Natural Society. It is a MUST to watch – takes only a couple of minutes.

The movie, Food, Inc., has been released a few years ago (2008) but it is as relevant today as then. Things do not change quickly enough. Food, Inc. shows destructive environmental and food practices and “examines the costs of putting value and convenience over nutrition.” See the official trailer here.

Prevent Alzheimer’s by Sunning & Skipping Sunscreens from GreenMedInfo.

For the meat devotees, the following two reports may be of interest: Michigan levies $700,000 in fines against a small farmer and veteran for raising healthy hogs and Where Corn Is King, a New Regard for Grass-Fed Beef.

Big Ag and Biotech companies never stop deceiving. Read how in Big-Ag Lies in Disguise: The Industrial Food Complex’s Latest Marketing Tool by Organic Authority.

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